Frequently Asked Questions

How may we help you?
We want to provide you with the best family entertainment experience ever. Below are some of the questions often asked of us. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need further information.


We require a 50% deposit to secure your reservation. The deposit is only refundable in the event of rain or extreme weather.

Are Jupiter Express electric trackless trains safe?

Our trains are commercially manufactured to the highest international safety standards and our operators are trained with your utmost safety in mind.

What events are good for renting the Jupiter Express trackless train?

We do birthday parties, block parties, corporate events, hotels, carnivals, festivals, including schools and churches, HOA events, parades, grand openings, conventions, & holiday activities.

Why should I rent a trackless train from Jupiter Express Railroad?

The Jupiter Express is a highly upgraded, one-of-a-kind train, with skilled, uniformed and very friendly operators. We provide a uniquely memorable experience that is simply not available elsewhere.

Can I rent the Jupiter Express for an extended period of time?

Absolutely, yes. Please call us to discuss the possibilities.

Can we charge for tickets to ride the Jupiter Express at our event?

Yes, typically tickets sell for $3 or $4 per rider.

Where can you operate the Jupiter Express trackless train?

We can operate on most hard, reasonably flat surfaces, including asphalt and concrete. Most residential streets, parks, and shopping malls are acceptable. We cannot operate on grades greater than 4%, nor can we operate in rainy conditions or on wet surfaces. The train has a turning radius of less than 18 feet and can be operated in most indoor or outdoor venues.

Can I operate the train at my event?

 No, we will provide a trained, experienced operator for your safety and convenience.

What is the capacity of the Jupiter Express train?

The train can accomodate approximately 24 children or 12 adults.

How old should riders be?

All ages can ride. Riders under 3 years old should be accompanied by an adult or responsible person. Riders over 123 years old should check with their physician prior to boarding.

Are you insured?

We carry a $2 million liability policy and can provide you with a certificate of insurance upon request.

Can the train be used to shuttle passengers from one location to another?

Yes, we can move people from parking lots to gates, from ballroom to ballroom, or to transport people to a particular location, booth, or business.