Jupiter Express trackless train FAQ’s

  • Is the Jupiter Express electric trackless train safe?

Yes, our electric trackless train is commercially manufactured and built to international safety standards.

  • What events are good for renting an electric trackless train?

Birthday parties, Block Parties, Private Parties, Corporate Parties, Outdoor Festival Events, Parades, School and Church Events, Indoor Conventions, Grand Opening Events, Holiday Events, Sporting Events, Zoos, Museums, etc. It provides a constant attraction that is not only fun to ride, but also to watch.

  • Can I rent the Jupiter Express for extended periods of time?

Yes, you may contact us for information.

  • Can we charge for electric trackless train rides?

Yes, typical ticket prices range between $3-$4 per ride.

  • Where can you operate the Jupiter Express trackless train?

We operate on flat surfaces, including asphalt, cement, and other hard surfaces. Most residential streets, parks and shopping malls are acceptable. We cannot operate on grades greater than four percent, nor can we operate in rainy conditions or on wet surfaces. The train has a turning radius of 15ft and can be operated in most indoor or outdoor venues.

  • What is the capacity of the electric trackless train?

The Jupiter Express can accommodate  approximately 24 children or 12 adults.

  • How old should riders be?

All ages can ride. Children under 3 should be accompanied by an adult or responsible person.

  • Are you insured?

Yes, we carry a $2,000,000 liability policy and can provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

  • Can the Jupiter Express operate indoors?

Yes, it is an electric trackless train. There is no noise, oil, or polution.

  • Why should I rent a Trackless Train from Jupiter Express Railroad?

The Jupiter Express is a highly upgraded one-of-a-kind train with trained, uniformed operators. We provide a truly unique experience for any event.

  • Can I operate the trackless train at my event?

No, we will provide a trained operator for your event.

  • Can the train be used to shuttle people from one location to another?

Yes. We can move people from parking lots to gates, from ballroom to ballroom, or to transport people to a particular location, booth, or business. It is most appreciated by elderly patrons and young mothers with kids.

  • Can we use the train to help raise money for our cause?

 Absolutely! It is a very effective fundraiser. We can help raise money for almost any cause.
We do this on a split revenue basis and it works very well.